Biography of Tom Cruise
Biography of Tom Cruise

Biography of Tom Cruise

Although the word ‘hero’ is used in many ways, the first thing that comes to our mind when we hear it is the hero of the movie. And if you were asked to name five of the heroes of some of these films, you would say five and you would say Tom Cruise. Did I say right?

One thing I noticed (I don’t know, I may not be right) is that the heroes of the film have more fans than the heroines. Although the list of fans of all the heroines of the golden screen has more than most of them, there are men and women in the store of fans of one hero. Since I am a boy, I can speak well of boys. We go crazy looking at the look of the heroine and the style or attitude of the hero (acting is not a part of my topic today so I am not talking about acting or actors-actresses).

Tom Cruise is not my favorite actor of all; My favorite hero of all. I’m one of those guys who knew action, horror, thriller when I was a kid. So my acquaintance with Tom Cruise dates back to that school life. Start with Mission Impossible. At first, I saw all the action movies but today I have seen all his movies. Yes, all of them. My relationship with the fifty-six-year-old IMF agent of ‘Fall Out’ from a nineteen-year-old boy on the football field (making his screen debut by playing a small character) wearing shorts in ‘Endless Love’ is very deep.

Earlier, a DVD was available with a collection of 8 movies. I had 3 such DVDs (Tom Cruise Collection) with about 12/14 pictures. Then Blu-ray. Then torrent. And I saw 6 pictures in Cineplex / Blockbuster. At first, I swallowed the movies I hadn’t seen. I watched the next movie date to date.

Cruise first came to the screen in 1971 with ‘Endless Love’. In the same year, he played a supporting role in the military drama ‘Taps’. Two years later, he worked on 73 in four films, one of which was ‘Risky Business. Classic This teen comedy laid the foundation of his film career. Three years later in the lead role in the action-drama ‘Top Gun’. Movie superhit. Tom Cruise came to everyone’s attention. Along with Top Song, he was seen in another movie that year with the famous Paul Newman. Martin Scorsese’s ‘The Color of Money. Diameter! This young actor does not have to get any speed. Take pictures one by one. Became a superstar.

Tom Cruise is best known for his role in ‘Mission Impossible’ where we see him in the role of IMF agent Ethan Hunt. 6 of the 6 movies in the series are hits. Its work has been going on since 1997 and we have already received the promise of two more new movies. He has another notable action series ‘Jack Richer’. I liked the movie ‘Night and Day’ comedy action. ‘Last Samurai’ is an epic period action drama; One of the favorite pictures of Tom fans. ‘Collateral’ where he played a negative character.

Tom has also done several science fiction films. ‘Vanilla Sky’ is a great combination of romantic drama and science fiction. He has worked with renowned sci-fi director Steven Spielberg in two movies; ‘Minority Report’ and ‘War of the Worlds’. ‘Age of Tomorrow’ is one of my favorite science fiction. As well as ‘Oblivion’ was a very nice picture.

In terms of acting, our favorite hero has shown some great performances at different times. Tom received a Golden Globe Award as well as Oscar and BAFTA nominations for his role as National Hero Ron Kovic (a paralyzed fighter in the Vietnam War) in ‘Born on the Fourth of July’. ‘Jerry Maguire’ is one of my favorite movies and I think I saw Cruz’s best performance here. She received another Golden Globe Award and an Oscar nomination for her performance in the film. He was in a supporting role in the movie ‘Magnolia’. The character of Cruise’s motivational speaker was also very good. Here, too, he won another Golden Globe Award and an Oscar nomination for his acting skills.

Here are just a few of the achievements. In addition to these, there are many more nominations and awards. Until 2000, Tom was seen in most of the drama movies. ‘Rain Man’ is love in a word. Legal drama ‘The Farm’, and ‘A Few Good Man’ with Jack Nicholson. Francis Ford Coppola, the famous director of ‘The Godfather’, made a film with some new faces in ‘The Outsider’ in which Tom was also in the lead role (although this is the very beginning of Tom’s career). Tom has not been seen in a drama movie since 2000. In the middle were Robert Redford and Meryl Streep in the war drama ‘Lions for the Lambs’.

Cruz has done three pictures with his second wife, the famous actress Nicole Kidman. Epic romantic film ‘Far and Away’, sports drama ‘Days of Thunder’ and famous Stanley Kubrick’s movie ‘Eyes Wide Shot’. This mystery thriller was the last directed film by Stanley Kubrick. He passed away before the picture was released. A documentary on his biography was later released in 2001, narrated by Tom Cruise.

Let’s talk about some different movies. Such as the fantasy film ‘Legend’, ‘The Mummy’ three years ago, and another special film ‘Interview with the Vampire’ where we saw Cruz in the role of a vampire several hundred years old. The character, however, is negative. He was accompanied by Brad Pitt, Kirsten Dunst, and Antonio Banderas as co-stars. If you don’t watch ‘Tropic Thunder’, you will not understand. You may end up looking at this picture but you won’t find Tom Cruise.

The movie or cruise character that surprised me the most was ‘The Rock of Ages’ released in 2012 where he played a rockstar named Stacey Jax. I think it’s the most diverse character in Tom’s career. As much as I was surprised by his looks, I also saw him singing and rock and roll again. Note that each of the songs he has performed in the movie is his singing. When you see this picture, you will discover Tom in a completely different way.

Considering several aspects, Tom Cruise is a completely different kind of movie personality. It is impossible to say how many branches he is proficient in. In addition to being an actor, he is a stuntman; To this day, he has done as many stunts as he needs in all the action sequences of his movies. Every time he jumped at the risk of his life. There is no accounting for how many times you have been injured. He is also famous for his recklessness. He also mastered jet planes and helicopters through long training. Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation lost 3 minutes underwater, but has a record of 6 minutes underwater in real life (I heard it from her mouth in a talk show). I think this is the strongest and scariest person in the history of cinema.

Do you believe this man passed away today at the age of 59? If you see his face and energy, who will say that he is so old! Many happy returns of the day. I want him to stay healthy and work in movies for a long time.

He has been so dear to me for so many years but I have never written about him in such away. I wrote today. Needless to say, I have imitated this man a lot in my life. I tried to contain her clothes, manners, and style a little bit. Yes, Tom Cruise was, is, and will be my favorite hero ever.

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