November Story: Best South Indian Crime-Thriller Web Series.

November Story: Best South Indian Crime-Thriller Web Series.

November Story: Best South Indian Crime-Thriller Web Series.

There has not been a good web series from them as far as the film industry in the South is concerned. There was a series of exciting plots, but the execution was terrible, so it could not raise the hype that way. However, there is an exception, Tamanna Bhatia’s November Story, even after such a good series, did not get the publicity. The director of this crime-thriller genre is Ratsasan’s assistant director, one of the best works in the world of Indian thrillers. The story is so thrilling that I couldn’t take my eyes off it, even though I started to see Tamanna’s acting qualities outside of commercials.

Story Summary: There are

three stories told together and another report that will spoil if told.

A crime thriller writer who has Alzheimer’s wants his daughter to sell their old house for treatment. But a few days later, her daughter finds her father with a body in their old house. The girl can not believe at all that her father was killed. Is his father a murderer now, or why did he commit murder?

On the other hand, in the rape case, the Ferrari three medical students wander around for shelter and arrive in the murder area. Why are they here?

Tamanna, on the other hand, is an ethical hacker. However, after taking the responsibility of digitally keeping the FIRs of the police station, it is seen that a particular file is being hacked, but why?

Three things in one formula, but how? To know that, you have to watch the suspense-thriller series of that episode.

Positive aspects:

The plot is fascinating, with the writing and screenplay so strong. You will get clues from the beginning, but you will not match the story at the end. That, of course, introduces the director Montana.

Everyone has done well in the acting, but Tamanna and her father have another one to be found in the series. These three have done great. The central part of the thriller is BGM. Here you will find furry BGM blending perfectly with the situation—all in all, a great job.

Negative side: The

The speed of storytelling is a bit low. Slow burn treatment is a bit disappointing at first. The ending could have been a little better. This is the only thing you can catch before the whole series. If the finish had been a little better, the best Indian thriller web series would have easily won the title, a perfect series. You will not get a chance to blink after episode 3. The comedy part didn’t work out that way, and the rest is fine.

November Story

Director: Indhu Subramanian

Cast: Tamannaah Bhatia, Pasupathy, GM Kumar, Vivek Prasanna and Aruldoss

Rating: 8.5 / 10

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