If you’ve been a web series lover, you haven’t seen the Dark Web series.
Dark Web series

If you’ve been a web series lover, you haven’t seen the Dark Web series.

DARK (2017-2020)

Season Number: 3 (26 episodes in total)
IMDB Rating: 7.8 / 10
Language: German, English Dubbing
Personal Rating: 9.5 / 10

I will start the review with a few words of my choice
Sic Mundus creates est “(This is how the world was created)”
The end is the beginning and the beginning is the end. ”
You and I are perfect for each other, never believe anything else. ”
Although it is a mystery/science fiction in Janara, it is a perfect series, which contains all kinds of elements.
Even though it is a science fiction series, I like the way it portrays human emotions.
Although the story of the series starts in a normal way, it gradually becomes more complicated, and the story gradually becomes more interesting.
Moreover, especially from the casting of this series to the story plot, cinematography, acting, background news, dialogue, everything is incomparable.
The story is arranged in such a way that it was impossible to remove the eyes from the screen, many times it felt like watching a series or solving a puzzle.
Throughout the series, there was no shortage of thrills and twists. Episodes, the number of seasons. In all these respects, I find it perfect, a total of 26 episodes in 3 seasons.
It didn’t last long. And the thing I liked the most was the connection between one event and another.
Its creators have very accurately connected many small details with big events. And one of the best aspects of (Dark) Dark is its soundtrack.
Another special aspect is its casting.
The way the Young, Adult, Old versions were made to match the look was fantastic.
In my opinion (Dark) Dark is the most perfect ending. Even after so many incidents, after so many entanglements, the ending was very satisfying.
It deserves a lot of praise and claim.
The story is brief
The story of this web series revolves around a small town in Germany!
The name of the city is Winden City where there is a nuclear power plant built in 1956! Many families have been living here for ages!
Where there are many stories hidden!
Everything was going well in Winden City, suddenly one day a boy from the city went missing!
The incident spread throughout the city within moments of the small-town happenings. But the police searched the whole city but could not find the boy!
This is exactly what happened 33 years ago!
Anyway, a few teenage kids from the city went for a walk in the Winden Forest for adventure purposes one night! Where is the most mysterious place in the city, a cave!
As soon as they got close to the cave, they heard a strange sound and ran away in fear !!
But when they returned, they found that they had a little boy named Mikel Nielsen with them, who was not with them! Everyone started looking for him, as the story spread throughout the city, including the police.
Mikel suddenly disappeared from the city!
This is where the story of Dark begins!
There is no time to sit at home in these seven days of shutdown, and if you are an authentic web series lover and have not seen the (Dark) Dark Web series yet, then listen to me and sit down to watch this web series now.

[If you’ve been a web series lover, you haven’t seen the Dark Web series.]

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