9 series of the most popular series

9 series of the most popular series

9 series of the most popular series

I am saying at the beginning… I am giving a completely personal opinion in this review. If someone is offended, then I have nothing to say.


IMDb rating – 9.5 (1,382,197 voters!) The

Highest Rated TV Series on IMDb is Breaking Bad BB is a series where every scene, every episode is like you are fascinated. As you can see, those who didn’t like Breaking Bad are blind fans of the thriller genre. Remember, if you want to enjoy this series, you have to have enough time on your hands.


IMDb rating -9.3 (1,697,719) In

In this series, you will find a wonderful combination of action, drama, and adventure. If you haven’t seen this series despite being a series lover, don’t delay. I don’t want to say much about Game of Thrones. Because there are no words? The dwarf’s father does not seem to know.


IMDb rating -9.4 (488,323)

This HBO mini-series of just 5 episodes is based on true events. If you want, you can see this masterpiece in one sitting


IMDb rating -9.1 (774,584)

One of the most famous British series. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s stories have been adapted into the present century by BBC One. You are bound to fall in love with Benedict Cumberbatch’s performance as Sherlock.


IMDb rating: 8.3 (407,787)

The first season of Prison Break is a masterpiece in one word. No one can disagree with it. Season 2 and no less. The next three seasons and enough thrilling. After finishing the first two seasons of Prison Break, you will be forced to watch the next three, because by then you will have fallen in love with the characters in the series.


There are some series that can not be judged by the rating. Friends are just such a series. The series, which started in 1994 and ended in 2004, is still quite popular! Friends is a series that has the power to lighten your mind. Being a sitcom, you may think that the depth of friends’ stories is less, but once you start watching, you will realize how wrong you are. The series can make you laugh as well as cry. Finally, friends will teach you friendship.


IMDb rating: 8.8 (760,192)

This series of drama, fantasy, horror genre is one of the most talked-about series on Netflix. As there is no adult scene, you can watch the series with younger siblings. The BGM in this series is bound to grab your attention.


IMDb rating: 8.8 (240,757) There is

no better movie or series than Dark, built on Time Travel. No one should disagree with this. However, yes. There is a movie similar to Dark. That is predestination. To watch the series, you must have enough time on hand and sit with a cold brain. Even then, you have to resort to Dark’s Explanation (if you want to enjoy the series well). The series is more than just #BGM Awesome.


IMDb rating: 8.8 (264,603)

Some series like Money Heist has put Netflix ahead of other streaming platforms. I think I said a little too much. Well, whatever.

Money Heist is a series that many people have started watching Spanish series or movies. There is no mastermind in the world of series other than the main character (Professor) of this series (there is disagreement). The first two seasons of Money Heist are awesome. The third season is also quite good. However, season 4 is nothing but garbage. Hopefully, with the fifth and last season, Money Heist will keep its standard.

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